Letter: Should students receive bonuses too?

If the changes that won unanimous Board of If the changes that won unanimous Board of Regents approval Monday, Oct. 20, 2014, win final approval from the Regents in January as scheduled, they would first take effect with teenagers who entered ninth grade in 2011 and are due to graduate in June 2015. Photo Credit: Daniel Brennan

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Should "highly effective" students receive a share of the $20,000 bonus that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo proposes to give teachers deemed "highly effective"? These students help contribute positively to the rating a teacher receives ["Delay curriculum, teacher bonuses," Letters, Jan. 22].

If Cuomo likes the idea of running a school like a business, maybe he should also propose that children produce resumes and be interviewed by teachers. If the interview goes well, and the teacher is impressed by the kid's record, the child can be hired as a student. If not, the student could be "let go."

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Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of children on the streets with nothing to do all day.

Debbie Cuttitta Pekoff, Bellmore

Editor's note: The writer is a public school teacher.

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