Letter: Smithtown school should cut admins.

If the changes that won unanimous Board of If the changes that won unanimous Board of Regents approval Monday, Oct. 20, 2014, win final approval from the Regents in January as scheduled, they would first take effect with teenagers who entered ninth grade in 2011 and are due to graduate in June 2015. Photo Credit: Daniel Brennan

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I read with interest that, like many other school districts on Long Island, Smithtown schools are facing a projected budget shortfall ["Plan for school cost cuts," News, March 21]. Smithtown's is estimated to be $4.4 million.

Superintendent Anthony Annunziato spelled out the dire scenarios that may be occur if the school property tax cap isn't overridden. Typically, each of the solutions involves a decrease in students' education. Summer reading programs, staffing and physical education programs are all in jeopardy. Nowhere was a reduction of costly administrative positions mentioned.

This is an annual rite of spring on Long Island: Budget shortfalls are predicted and administrators target programs near and dear to the parents of schoolchildren. Budgets are passed using these scare tactics, and taxes escalate. The bloated and redundant levels of administration that define every school district on Long Island are never touched, while student services are reduced.

Students suffer. Administrators prosper. It's time to consolidate districts and eliminate the redundancy. Let's make education benefit the students and not the overpriced layers of excess at the top of each district. How can we as parents and taxpayers break this cycle?

Luke Heaton, West Babylon

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