An article about water consumption in the Port Washington Water District reported that St. Francis Hospital is one of the area’s heaviest commercial users [“High water,” News, July 21].

It’s unfortunate that in a report focused on residents “overwatering manicured lawns in wealthy neighborhoods,” a photograph of our hospital’s name was selected to illustrate the story.

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In fact, St. Francis Hospital has demonstrated exemplary stewardship of water. We promised to maintain usage levels after a major expansion in 2008, and we have fulfilled that commitment. That project added eight operating rooms and 85 beds. We installed motion-activated faucets and low-flush toilets, and we use our own well water for irrigation.

St. Francis is one of the highest-volume surgery centers in the region, and sterilization of surgical instruments is one of our top uses of water. Through conservation, we reduced the amount of water used for this purpose by 70 percent.

In 2015, St. Francis used nearly 20 percent less water than in 2000, even as it expanded services in the same period.

Ruth E. Hennessey, Roslyn

Editor’s note: The writer is executive vice president and chief administrative officer of St. Francis Hospital.