Letter: Stop-and-frisk is effective

New York City police officers demonstrate the stop-and-frisk New York City police officers demonstrate the stop-and-frisk tactic at a training facility at Rodman's Neck. (June 12, 2012) Photo Credit: Charles Eckert

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I am responding to "Stop-and-frisk subjects testify as trial begins" [News, March 19].

I'm getting tired of all the ungrateful people in this world. What would you prefer these policemen and women do? Wait until the supposedly innocent person shoots at them or assaults them -- or worse, a family member -- before they ask questions? That makes a lot of sense.

My suggestion to anyone who is against stop-and-frisk is to accept the small inconvenience, and thank God for police officers who are out there daily risking their lives for you.

The article says that minorities are stopped 84 percent of the time. That number is only relevant in relation to crimes in the area, broken down by race. Before anyone blows a gasket, please compare these numbers and then make an argument.

Bill Morello, Kings Park

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