In "Leader helps cover Dems' bills again" [News, Oct. 4], Suffolk County Democratic Party chairman Richard Schaffer claims the Bellone administration should receive credit for reducing the size of the county payroll by 1,000 employees, as well as having privatized county health clinics.

But Schaffer and Suffolk Executive Steve Bellone are taking credit for things that were accomplished by the previous administration. The budget that cut the jobs was the one Bellone inherited. This is verified in the county legislature's analysis of the 2012 budget, which was prepared in the autumn of 2011.

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Bellone also disingenuously takes credit for lowering police salaries, when that reduction was accomplished before he took office. However, Bellone deserves all the blame for crafting a deal that will pay the average Suffolk County police detective more than $227,000 by contract's end.

Edward Kitt, Riverhead