Letter: Suffolk GOP end-runs around voters

John Jay Lavalle served as Brookhaven Town supervisor

John Jay Lavalle served as Brookhaven Town supervisor from 2000 to 2005. Here, as Suffolk Republican chairman, he addresses the crowd at Suffolk GOP headquarters in Patchogue on Nov. 6, 2012. (Credit: Neswsday / John Paraskevas)

The actions of Suffolk County Republican Leader John J. LaValle to oust Brookhaven Councilwoman Kathleen Walsh from the Republican Party disenfranchise every Republican voter in the 3rd Council District ["Judge tosses Walsh from GOP, primary," News, Aug. 17].

LaValle, by filing suit in the state Supreme Court, especially disenfranchised the more than 800 Republicans in the district who signed a nominating petition for Walsh.

The Republican voters of the district deserve the right to choose their own candidate, and Walsh had a right to seek the Republican nomination. Instead, their voices were silenced when the choice fell to a sympathetic judge. Is this democracy?

Was LaValle's decision to go to court influenced by the fact that his brother is running for Walsh's seat? As a Republican living in the 3rd Council District, I am outraged that my right to choose my party's candidate was taken away by LaValle and his gang of lawyers.

John J. Rago, Coram

Editor's note: The writer is the former Republican leader for the 3rd Council District and a member of the Brookhaven Republican executive committee. He was asked to resign in January when he supported Kathleen Walsh for Brookhaven highway superintendent.

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