I am writing to take issue with "Take a course, get a raise" [News, Oct. 21]. I am a Long Island teacher, and proud of my profession.

This story makes it appear that teachers are in it just for the money. But I am in this profession to care for, teach and mold the impressionable little ones who are entrusted to me.

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The story failed to mention how many districts have extended school hours, and teachers need to take work home with them at night.

Teachers attend non-contractual school functions on weekends and evenings, plus find time to take classes, which we sometimes pay for ourselves.

In many districts, it takes 15 credits before one can move up a step and earn a salary increase. That is a lot of personal time. As a teacher, I am not complaining, because I love my job, but I am explaining.

We believe in something bigger than ourselves. We teach students so that no matter what profession they pick, they will be successful. We make a difference. We teach the future.

Nicole Fernandez, Rocky Point