I'm responding to "250-layoff warning" [News, Oct. 9], about the possible loss of the Milleridge Inn as we know it. I've attended meetings there as a 59-year Jericho resident who honors American history.

While the retiring owner, Owen Smith, talks about the "continuity of employment," and while petitioners begged the new owner's representative, Nicholas Brown, to keep the inn more or less as it is, I felt sorry for Brown.

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Who's to blame for the loss of continuity of this historic site? The answer is obvious. The tradition ended in April when Smith sold it to Kimco Realty, betraying history.

Kimco, a public company, has an obligation to its shareholders to make a profit, and it's a large suburban mall owner and operator. Kimco is the owner now. What right does anyone have to tell the owner of a property what to do with it? The time to have preserved history was before the inn was sold.

Jo-Ann Nowodzinski, Jericho