The Sunday front page story on Oct. 18 about the shooting of 12-year-old Dejah Joyner of Hempstead was truly heart-breaking ["$75G reward in LI shooting," News].

Many are calling for background checks for gun owners, but I doubt if such a measure would have prevented this sort of tragedy. And it wouldn't do much to reduce the many gun suicides that occur each year.

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Background checks fail to address our basic problem: The huge numbers of guns has become the problem. Hundreds of millions of guns in closets and drawers, pockets and pocketbooks. They're just too accessible.

For fear of the National Rifle Association, few politicians would dare to discuss the only real solution to this pressing problem. Our society has drastically changed, and the Second Amendment has outlived its usefulness.

We need a constitutional amendment to repeal the Second Amendment.

James E. Stubenrauch, Massapequa