Letter: Too many tests for students

High school students work on a test in High school students work on a test in this file photo. (June 18, 2012) Photo Credit: Getty Images

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Students are part of this new state and federal testing frenzy ["Test-fix resolution sought," News, Sept. 24]. Some students are taking pretests, post-tests, mid-terms, state English language assessments and math tests, and now a new federal test which monitors their progress. And why? Because teachers are neither trusted to prepare appropriate tests nor to evaluate their outcomes.

Results? Across the country, teachers and students have been accused of cheating to raise scores. Surprise! Surprise! You see, students are no longer considered people. They are statistics. Students are no longer encouraged to learn for the love of learning. They are simply asked to do well on a test, forget the material, and then study for the next test.

A brave new world, indeed. And trust me, these students will need all the bravery they can muster because testing has become more important than learning.

Bob Joseph, Commack

Editor's note: The writer is a public school English teacher.

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