The GOP needs to come up with its own growth plan if it wants to win the Senate in this year's mid-term election ["3-term GOP senator leads in Kansas race," News, Aug. 6]. I have a suggestion.

The Republican Party made historic gains in the 1994 mid-term elections by adopting the "Contract with America" policies that Ross Perot published in 1992. In late 2011, Donald Trump published his pro-growth manifesto, "Time to Get Tough," which is chock full of realistic solutions on how to repair the U.S. economy and reverse the policies that have put us $17 trillion in debt.

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I suggest that the GOP relive its winning 1994 strategy by adopting Trump's contract with America: repealing Obamacare, fully realizing America's energy potential with fracking and widespread oil and gas drilling, and confronting China on its currency manipulation.

This would put America back to work, slash taxes and once again make the United States a prominent economic superpower.

Eugene R. Dunn, Medford