“Good guys, bad guys and the truth” by columnist Lane Filler [Opinion, Nov. 18] hit the nail on the head. In our quest to rid the world of “bad” guys, the United States cannot honestly expect to be immune from consequences of our foreign policy, especially when it runs totally against what America stands for.

Case in point, as Filler writes, was when the duly elected government of Iran was overthrown by the United States in 1953, and the murderous shah was empowered. The United States is not without sin.

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Filler points to the U.S. bombing of a hospital in Afghanistan in October that killed doctors and patients, along with as many as 100,000 civilians killed by U.S. forces in Iraq.

Just because we say we are right doesn’t necessarily mean we are or that everything is OK as long as you’re one of the “good” guys. What America lacks is humility. America’s strength comes not from imposing ourselves on the rest of the world, but by embracing the values that have brought us this far.

Our government has pursued policies that put us all at risk by diminishing our freedoms one piece at a time, and is slowly pushing us to a police state.

Christopher Gioia, Franklin Square