Nassau Inter-County Express and its Able-Ride service need to better accommodate disabled customers [“NICE bus funding passes,” News, Aug. 3].

Wait times for me and other customers I’ve talked with have dramatically increased over the past several months. On a recent Friday, I waited three hours past my pickup window of 3 to 4 p.m. I live close to the Able-Ride base in Garden City, and fortunately the van took me home from Stop & Shop right away with no wait.

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Some customers don’t live close to the base, and it takes longer to get home because of other stops.

Able-Ride needs to find a way to buy more buses or better maintain the buses it has. This has to be done without cutting driver salaries or raising the transportation rates. Many Able-Ride customers are disabled and have fixed incomes or work only part time.

Waiting for more than three hours is unacceptable. One solution could be to make Able-Ride part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority again.

Jason Schager, Williston Park