It disturbs me that Nassau County residents, along with leading politicians in the county and the Town of Oyster Bay, appear to be relatively unconcerned about the extent of ongoing political corruption within government ["Is Singh the key to far worse?," Editorial, Sept. 11]. I'm guessing the politicians think they can ride out the storm by keeping their heads down.

The recent disclosure of the Harendra Singh scandal should be yet another awakening for us all to the necessity of a really clean sweep: removing from office all elected county and town officials, along with their fellow travelers.

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Aside from the occasional federal indictment, how else are we to eliminate this pervasive, institutionalized corruption that hurts us all? This is going to be hard to do, because few people bother to vote in local elections. This is exactly what the politicians depend on -- our collective apathy.

Michael J. Moonitz, Massapequa