Letter: Watching Port Authority spending

A file photo of LaGuardia Airport. A file photo of LaGuardia Airport. Photo Credit: Newsday

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Your story on the $203 million safety upgrades at LaGuardia Airport states that the bulk of the funds will go to two arrestor beds positioned at the end of the runways ["LaGuardia to get safety upgrade," News, April 26].

Looking at the picture in the article, I can't help but wonder why these cost so much. They appear to be simple nylon fabric filled with concrete.

Why not a series of simple arrestor cables, impact attenuators similar to those used on highways, or a covered sand incline that would also slow the plane to a stop?

Is anyone watching what the Port Authority is spending our toll revenues on? Or will we learn later that a board member has stock or a relative employed by the manufacturer?

Robert G. Risi, Medford

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