The Suffolk County Water Authority is urging East End residents to conserve to reduce the strain on the underground aquifer [“Program aims to curb East End water use,” News, Aug. 17]. Yet the authority’s policy of allowing main breaks and service leaks to go unrepaired for hours — and, at times, days — wastes water.

We have brought this matter to the Suffolk County Board of Health and the Suffolk County Legislature, but both seem to accept the authority’s claims that the leaks are contained, causing little to no damage to property, and that the policy reduces the need for overtime, saving ratepayers money.

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The authority’s own report, presented at a public meeting by deputy superintendent Fred Berg, projected a savings of $346,583 in overtime hours by allowing these leaks to go unrepaired until regular business hours, even if it meant allowing leaks for days.

Singling out residents out east for water that they pay for is hypocritical. The authority is perhaps the biggest offender of wasting our valuable water.

Nick Caracappa, Patchogue

Editor’s note: The writer is President of UWUA Local-393 AFL-CIO, located in Patchogue, which represents employees of the SCWA.