As U.S. citizens, we never would have believed we would face the outrageous obstacles we've seen since superstorm Sandy destroyed the first floor of our home in Oceanside ["A tally of storm's wrath," News, Jan. 8].

From the night the water rushed in, we have worked to protect everything we own. We and our neighbors have removed items from our first floor, salvaging what we could.

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Then came time to rip away the wet walls, floors and subfloors -- all placed on the curb, along with a piece of our souls. As we ripped our homes apart, we reminded each other, we will rebuild! As we moved out of our gutted homes, we vowed to see each other again soon.

Now 21/2 months later, where is our money to rebuild? Where is the Federal Emergency Management Agency's National Flood Insurance Program? Where is that cash advance we were promised? We are outraged.

We lived in what felt like a war zone for a month. How long will we need to wait?

Ronald and Robin Colon, Oceanside