To see what's wrong up in Albany, one only needs to look at the fact that the Aqueduct Racetrack was closed on Palm Sunday. On an average Sunday, The Big A has a total handle of between $6 million and $7 million, of which New York State takes a percentage.

Racing also injects money into the industry, paying jockeys, trainers, grooms, etc. Hundreds of employees -- pari-mutuel clerks and racing officials -- help put on the show, which the state gets a piece of in income taxes.

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All of this, worth thousands upon thousands of dollars, was lost because on an antiquated law. Not being allowed to race on Christmas or Easter is OK, but Palm Sunday? The New York Racing Authority races on Thanksgiving, and that's a holiday that the vast majority of us celebrate.

Changing this law would be a slam-dunk revenue creator.

Gerard Bringmann, Patchogue

Editor's note: The writer is both a racing fan and a practicing Catholic.