Newsday cites the average compensation for a police officer on Long Island as a staggering $230,000 a year [“Low crime, high costs,” Editorial, Jan. 16]. The salary of our top state executive, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, is much less, at $179,000.

I know that police do a great job, but do we really need to pay our officers so much more? How does police compensation compare with other public employee compensation? I would love to see a comparison of pay for teachers, judges, district attorneys, sanitation workers and other state and local workers.

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Nassau County can’t balance its budget, and our taxes are among the highest in the nation. Can you imagine if the police compensation were reduced to a more reasonable level, say $150,000, which would reduce the police budget considerably? Maybe we could get the services we expect — and lower tax bills! Let the taxpayers decide.

Lewis Bernstein, East Norwich