Letter: Why the rush to sell nursing home?

John J. Foley Nursing home in Yaphank. (April John J. Foley Nursing home in Yaphank. (April 9, 2013) Photo Credit: James Carbone

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Why the big rush to sell or close the John J. Foley Skilled Nursing Facility ["Move to slow Foley shutdown fails," News, April 24]?

It seems that the entire bidding process and eventual proposal to sell the facility to the Sherman group was rushed through committee without the usual level of scrutiny and diligence ["The story behind the deal," News, March 19]. Something smells real fishy here.

No other options, like actually running the facility efficiently, are being considered. It's Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone's way or the highway. If the facility is such a losing proposition, why are the Shermans so eager to plunk down $26 million?

Let's hit the brakes and take a real look at all the options.

Walter Anketell, Shoreham

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