Peter W. Singer's op-ed ["Robotics is a serious election issue," Opinion, Oct. 26] projected the revolutionary impact of drones and other robots upon the global arena -- an issue barely addressed by the presidential candidates, who agreed the present use of drones was appropriate.

They and most U.S. citizens believe that drones are valuable because they protect American soldiers and our country against enemies. But let's look at the long-term results.

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As our nation develops and deploys more drones, so will others. As we arm drones with more lethal weapons, so will others. As our drones become autonomous, so will others. As we continue to assassinate others without trial or jury, so will others. As we disregard national boundaries, so will others. As we disregard international laws, so will others. As we transform the skies into war zones, so will others.

Farewell, oh beautiful, spacious skies.

Sheila Croke, Kings Park