What a difference an independent voice in the legislature can make! I ran against Republican Legis. Steven Rhoads and complained about his lack of independence.

In the endorsement interview with the Newsday editorial board, we were asked how we would find revenue to balance the budget [“The Nassau 19 take a stand,” Editorial, Dec. 23]. I responded that if I believed I was just one of 19 legislators, I wouldn’t be running for office.

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Rhoads voted to give the legislator who represents the district in 2018 a 90 percent pay raise.

I did some calculating and figured that by helping to vote down their own party’s recommendation to raise the legislators’ salaries in 2007, former Democratic Legis. David Denenberg and David Mejias saved county taxpayers $674,500 a year. If that raise took effect in 2009, it would have amounted to about $4.7 million to date.

Claudia Borecky, Merrick

Editor’s note: The writer was the Democratic candidate for Nassau County’s 19th Legislative District in 2015.