Newsday’s Dec. 23 front page carried the headline “Nassau gang arrests,” about a crackdown in Nassau County.

But any sense of relief for me was shattered when The Wall Street Journal reported rising murder rates in the areas covered by the 15 largest police departments in the United States, including Suffolk County. Suffolk ranked fourth in year-to-year percentage increase, lower than Chicago but higher than areas with better-known problems such as Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami-Dade, Milwaukee, Baltimore and Washington.

The combination of crime, taxes and inept politicians on Long Island does not make for a pretty picture.

Leo McSherry, Hempstead


Great action by Nassau authorities, but were these suspects in this country illegally? Nassau should call on federal authorities for immediate deportation if these are not citizens. I’m tired of coddling people with jail sentences that cost thousands of dollars a year.

Curt Field, Melville

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