Letters: Do families need government help?

Do families need government help? Do families need government help? Photo Credit: M. Ryder / Tribune Media Services

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Our family survived the Great Depression without government assistance ["The Libertarian alternative to Obama, Romney," Opinion, Oct. 23]. When my dad lost his job as a toolmaker, he left the state and got a menial job. My mother got up at 5 a.m. to catch a trolley for her job in a cigar factory. I was 10, and my sister and brother took care of me.

We survived somehow. Today, our children all have good jobs because they earned it.

John Herman, North Babylon

I am an 82-year-old retired professional who is, fortunately, in relative good health. But I remember the fear in my mother-in-law's mind when she went to the doctor. She was a widow with a very modest income, and she would try to negotiate with the physician to pay for her care.

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When Medicare became law, it gave her peace of mind. Part of staying in good health is keeping up with preventive care. Medicare has achieved its purpose.

Marion Munisteri, Setauket

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