Columnist Joye Brown did not do her homework ["11 years later, Huntington needs rentals," News, Dec. 10]. The Town of Huntington website lists accessory apartments for Huntington Station, Dix Hills, Northport, Melville, Centerport, etc. Those are just the legal ones.

If Newsday wants a tour of illegal apartments, local residents know where they are and you can find a tour guide in any neighborhood. There are also entire houses owned by absentee landlords being rented as apartments.

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There's an abundance of rentals in the Town of Huntington.

Jeanette Marinese, Huntington Station

All over the Island, there are apartment complexes going up that are out of reach financially to seniors who do not have a house to sell and live on Social Security. We are barely making do on less than $1,700 a month.

How about complexes for us, with a rent that is affordable to an individual with Social Security income?

Marie Scalafani, Ronkonkoma