Before I even knew it, I was billed for fines totaling $400 ["The paradox of speed cams," Editorial, Aug. 27]. The new revenue-generating school speed zone cameras came online with little to no warning.

This speed tax caught thousands of unsuspecting motorists. I received five fines in the mail all at once.

It's summer. School is not in session.

Without proper warning and notice, the speed cameras are akin to entrapment.

Rob Dalton, South Hempstead

Kudos to Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano for forgiving the first batch of school speed zone tickets. Hopefully, there is a lesson to be learned.

Residents should be informed by a letter or a phone call about any new laws.

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The safety of all children is paramount, but proper dissemination of information regarding these laws must not be overlooked.

Adele Epstein, East Meadow

There's really no reason for all this confusion about the operation of Nassau County's school-zone speed cameras.

What we need is a speed limit of 20 mph at all times, in all designated school zones, monitored by these new cameras. That way, it won't be so taxing for people to remember when, or if, they should slow down, or whether schools are in session.

All people have to know is that if they speed in a school zone, they will be ticketed. You would think they already would know that. This is a simple solution that will make school zones much safer.

Michael J. Moonitz, Massapequa