With the recent flap over disability cheating at the Long Island Rail Road, the remaining employees are taking it on the chin ["Fraud at LIRR demands action," Editorial, May 24].

My wife and I visit the city at least once a week and use the LIRR to get there. The conductors on the trains have always been pleasant and courteous. One of them even asked my wife for proof that she was a senior. It made her day.

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They do an excellent job facing all types of behavior. There are slobs, drunks and just plain obnoxious passengers. Kudos to the LIRR employees.

Tom Kelly, Rockville Centre

The LIRR amnesty offer is like 1,500 separate thieves robbing 1,500 banks, and the robbers agreeing to confess without returning any funds, without going to prison and without revealing their identities.

Am I missing something? Bernie Madoff is crying because he missed out on this.

Jeffrey Myles Klein, Centereach