In his concession speech, Mitt Romney said he hoped that President Barack Obama would be successful in guiding America to a better future ["Obama wins four more years," News, Nov. 7]. Romney should be directing these hopes to the Republicans in Congress.

He should ask them to take down the brick wall they erected during the last four years to stop the administration's efforts to accomplish anything beneficial for America. He should ask these Republicans to put the welfare of the American people above partisan politics, big business, big money and their re-elections.

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Douglass A. Robinson, Levittown

The last four years have produced increased unemployment, foreclosures, gasoline prices, debt we can't repay, food stamp use and medical insurance premiums. I don't understand what would possess anyone to want to continue this trend.

If President Barack Obama were running a company like this, he would be dismissed. So Mitt Romney was not popular with much of the public, but I think he should have been given a chance to correct this decline.

Why would anyone think this trend will change? Does anyone think Obama will start paying off the debt? What does this do to subsequent generations who will be stuck trying to pay this off? This should be a concern for all citizens of this country, no matter what party they are affiliated with.

Gary Kordes, Holbrook