Oyster Bay troubles

The Oyster Bay Town Board must wake up [“S&P eyes lowering Oyster Bay bond rating,” News, Jan. 30].

The rating agency stated in the past if the town could not get audited financials for 2014, it would lose the town’s credit. This can’t be a surprise. No auditor wants to sign off on an audit with all the games the town has played with its books.

Todd M. Tilton, Glen Head


Regarding “Oyster Bay way a troubled path” [Editorial, Jan. 28], we have the-Planning Commissioner Frederick Ippolito pleading guilty to tax evasion, Supervisor John Venditto seemingly out of touch, and the township almost $900 million in debt. The list goes on and on.

Voters recently re-elected Venditto the leader of this mess. Who’s the fool?

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To paraphrase French philosopher Joseph de Maistre, the people get the kind of government they deserve.

Ken Della Rocca, Oyster Bay Cove