In the wake of another senseless murder involving a firearm, Newsday reacts with the left's usual hand-wringing, anti-Second Amendment hysterics over an inanimate object ["Georgia is gun gateway to New York," News, May 11]. This ignores the real problem.

Instead of printing the names and locations of the shops in Georgia that sold these guns, Newsday should publish the names and photos of all the feckless, self-serving elected officials and government appointees right here in New York who repeatedly make sure that violent felons, criminal gangs, lawless thugs and unstable miscreants are free on our streets and in our neighborhoods to commit crimes.

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Gerald M. Esposito, Hicksville

Many of the recent opinions on gun control, or the lack of it, sorely miss the mark. While it is true that the great majority of crimes are committed with guns obtained illegally, existing gun laws are simply unenforceable.

What would be enforceable are harsher penalties for criminals who are caught with illegal guns. Want to stop violent crime in New York? How about expanding the cops' ability to stop and frisk? Anyone caught with an illegal gun gets a mandatory 20 years.

Joe Bivona, Kings Park

Editor's note: The writer is a member of the National Rifle Association.