Cartoonist Matt Davies is a little confused [“Pen & Think,” Opinion, Nov. 22]. Davies depicted Donald Trump demanding registration papers at a checkpoint. We already have that. I have to show my passport when I return to the United States. Is Davies suggesting that Muslims should not have to show proper paperwork to come here?

Second, he criticizes Trump for wanting a KGB-style religious registry. Would this be where honest Americans are asked to register only because of how they choose to live, forced to be on a government watch list? That’s just like gun owners!

James Laurita, Commack


I take offense to Matt Davies’ cartoon lampooning one of his obviously favorite targets: Donald Trump.

Davies invokes cold warrior Ronald Reagan and says some of us who idolize him might now support Trump. We idolized Reagan because he got things done and struck fear in our enemy. When he drew a line in the sand, the entire world knew he wasn’t bluffing.

I’ll take the wall, and I’m sure many others feel the same way.

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Michael Tahany, Huntington