Let me see if I understand the article about the Medford nursing home [“Nursing home will pay $28M,” News, June 22]. The owners embezzle $60 million from taxpayers through Medicaid. The punishment is returning $10 million to Medicaid. They keep $32 million and get another $18 million in improvements to their facility and services. They don’t go to jail. How do I sign up for this?

I’m a dentist. Now I know how to update my office. Steal $500,000 from Medicaid, give back $100,000, and put the rest into my office and 401(k) account. My son is graduating from high school. Like many students, he’s not sure what he wants to do. Well, I found the perfect career.

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The only reason these people were caught was because someone was murdered. The amount of money is outrageous. I looked into these facilities for my father: $14,000-plus a month. The public has been ripped off for years.

Randy Perlmutter, Oceanside