After reading “The Empire State builds back” [Editorial, Jan. 10], I could only wish I were dreaming. A plan to build bigger will change Long Island for sure, but not for the better.

The projects identified have contributed to the present situation. Air and water pollution, habitat loss, urban sprawl and expensive housing have spurred the flight of young people from Long Island.

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Expansive airports with noise and air pollution, a Long Island Sound tunnel adding congestion, and a deepwater port are just a few of the mega projects suggested. If there is a “strand of NIMBYism” on Long Island, it’s primarily due to the myopic planning that may provide short-term job gains while pushing problems on to our grandchildren.

John T. Tanacredi, Rockville Centre

Editor’s note: The writer is a professor of earth and environmental studies and director of the Molloy College Center for Environmental Research and Coastal Oceans Monitoring.