This is in response to Salaam Bhatti's op-ed, "My reasons for being optimistic" [Opinion, May 18]. Bhatti outlines how things have changed for average American Muslims after 9/11. I am sure he is correct.

Many individual groups have voiced strong condemnation of the acts of 9/11; however, these positions have not been well publicized. For example, we all know where the Roman Catholic Church stands on many issues. Where is that voice from Islam?

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If Islam is against slaughter of innocents, then say so. If Islam does not require the slaughter of those who do not recognize Muhammed as a prophet of God, then say so.

If Islam is not in favor of the violent overthrow of the United States government, then say so. If Islam is not in favor of imposing Sharia law across the United States, then say so.

If the leadership of Islam and Muslims across the world could get a simple message across that those who commit violence violate the principles of their religion, and that they will not be rewarded in heaven for these acts, perhaps there is reason for optimism.

Robert Bialer, Glen Cove