Regarding "Nassau OKs request for speed cameras" [News, April 18], this is not a safety issue. It is simply a revenue grab to pay for the raises for Nassau County's unionized workers.

The speed limits in front of most schools are ridiculously low. When the children are arriving at school, I can understand the low speed limits, but that is also when we have professional crossing guards at each corner.

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Why do we need to go 20 mph when school is in session and no children are outside? Or when the schools are closed? This is a ridiculous request the county is sending to state officials.

Why can't Nassau raise revenue by enforcing existing laws that do involve safety? For example, I now see more blacked-out car windows, which are illegal and unsafe. The threshold for window tinting in New York is 70 percent.

Write these car owners a ticket daily, and that would be a safe and effective change for the public.

Stephen E. Rach, West Sayville