Pepsi plant provided a taste of teen freedom

I would like to share some of my mom’s memories of the Pepsi-Cola sign and its corporate facility at what is now Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City [“Pepsi sign now a city landmark,” News, April 13].

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In the 1940s, there was a gathering room in the Pepsi building where teenagers congregated. My mom, who lived not more than a block away, would race home from school to hang out there with her peers. Mom has vivid memories of listening to favorite tunes on the jukebox, dancing with friends and sipping Pepsi, which they bought for 5 cents a bottle.

Your article brought mom back to her youth and those happy days when she would experience her first exhilarating “taste” of freedom.

The Pepsi-Cola sign represents a rite of passage for many of our beloved seniors.

Nancy Hirsch

West Sayville