To increase fees for mortgages on Long Island is the biggest travesty [“Builders, Realtors fight fees,” Spin Cycle, Sept. 26]. We are laughingstocks because we have outrageous mortgage taxes that other states don’t have. Our closing fees are outrageous.

I am a licensed real estate broker, and I feel pity for home buyers forced to pay junk fees. Neighboring states do not even require that a purchaser have an attorney; the Realtor handles the escrow.

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No wonder young people leave Long Island. We have outrageous closing costs, very high real estate taxes and electric rates, and escalating fees. I don’t understand why local governments are always in the red. Perhaps we have too much government. The time may have arrived to trim government and reduce fees and taxes. You can’t keep bleeding a stone.

Rosemary Terryn, West Hempstead