Even though a compromise has been reached between developer Engel Burman Group and the Town of Huntington, those opposed to the proposed community at the Oak Tree Dairy continue to speak up ["Controversy in Elwood illustrates housing needs," Editorial, Aug. 1].

As a senior interested in living in this community, I cannot allow the tyranny of the minority to influence the future of Huntington. The very people who continue to rally their small group to speak loudly against the Seasons at Elwood were a party to the negotiations that led to a compromise.

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Now they appear to be reneging and want to continue with their lunacy. It's time for the town board to vote for a change of zoning for the project, and help alleviate the lack of senior housing in Huntington.

David Rosen, Dix Hills

A recent analysis by Newsday showed that Suffolk County's 65-and-over population increased 10.8 percent between 2010 and 2013. Twenty-eight percent of Huntington is over 55, and only 3.8 percent of its housing is designated for seniors. Engel Burman has been reasonable, realistic and sensible in answering community concerns. It's time the naysayers accept the idea that there is a desperate need for senior housing in Elwood, whether it's in their backyard or not!

Stuart Zimmer, Elwood