Letter: Rookie police prove bad shots

New York City Police Academy graduates salute on New York City Police Academy graduates salute on Dec. 26, 2006. Photo Credit: File

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It's commendable that the two officers who just graduated from the police academy had such courage and straight thinking in pursuing two men who boarded a bus in Brooklyn without paying ["Farebeater shoots cop in leg," News, Feb. 27].

It's also a shame that between the two officers, neither could shoot straight enough in seven shots to hit the perpetrators. They are lucky. With all those bullets flying, innocent bystanders could have been injured or killed.

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It is my recommendation, as it should be Commissioner William Bratton's and Mayor Bill de Blasio's, that these two officers go back to the shooting range to practice hitting targets on the first or second shot.

Alan Schneider, Woodhaven

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