There is a huge difference between red-light cameras at intersections and speed cameras in school zones ["Speed cameras OKd near LI schools," News, June 26].

Cameras at intersections conform to state laws that are always in effect. School speed zones vary depending on the day and hour. Signs aren't always clear.

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If the school zone cameras are to be installed, then electronic signs must accompany them informing drivers when the limits are in effect. These signs should be accurately synchronized with the cameras.

James Holland, Mastic Beach

I say, kudos, for adding speed cameras in school zones. About two years ago, my neighbor Joe, who was 86, and his dog Sandy were hit by a speeding car trying to make the light in Glen Oaks Village. This was one block away from a school.

I hope the $50 fine will make some people think before they speed down our residential streets.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr., Glen Oaks Village