Steve Matthews / October 14 at Belmont

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One Mile. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Claiming $25,000. Purse: $36,000. Post -- 12:50 p.m.

1I'm Wide Awake(L)113Esquivel6-6-5Jacobson5-1

2River Boss(L)120Castellano1-5-1Brown2-1


4Craving Carats(L)118Ortiz, Jr11-11-2Morley15-1

5Smokey Brown118Arroyo1-8-8Toscano, Jr12-1

6Prudent Investor(L)121Saez3-2-1Galluscio7-2

7Horse Latitudes(L)120Solis10-1-5Hertler20-1

8Kiss of Thunder(L)113Franco1-10-5Contessa10-1

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Main Track Only

9Bemata(L)118No Rider9-1-3Rice4-1

10Summer Sands(L)113Vargas, Jr3-8-6Persaud10-1

1aBarrister Jim(L)113Esquivel1-2-5Jacobson5-1

Kiss of Thunder was a determined winner in last and now makes first start since claimed by Gary Contessa; rates close call. I'm Wide Awake makes second start since claimed by DAS/David Jacobson; very dangerous. River Boss was a game victor at this level in last; could easily take another.


One Mile. Starter Optional Claiming $20,000. 3&up. Purse: $63,000.


2Intensivist(L)121Ortiz, Jr3-7-3Sacco20-1


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4He Can Run(L)116Franco2-3-1Carlesimo,Jr8-1

5Cool Under Fire(L)113Vargas, Jr1-3-1Badgett, Jr8-1


7Cinnamon Beach(L)121Rosario7-1-5Gargan15-1


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10Awake At T Wire(L)121Arroyo1-7-7Belsoeur30-1

Scotus returns to main track for potent turf-to-dirt barn; fast final fractions on 'A' game. Writingonthewall is speedy and will prove a very tough customer on an unchallenged lead. Awake At T Wire tallied solid late pace figure when winning last at Prx; price will be tempting.


Seven Furlongs. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Allowance Optional Claiming. Purse: $86,000.


2Happy My Way(L)118Maragh3-2-5Orseno12-1

3Night Officer(L)121Ortiz3-9-3Brown8-1

4Nine O Wonderful(L)121Saez5-3-7Bond6-1



7Two Notch Road(L)121Ortiz, Jr8-8-3Thompson20-1

8Folk Singer(L)121Arroyo1-8-8Chatterpaul30-1


Nine O Wonderful was pace and trip compromised in last and should move forward in second start since June. Happy My Way could play out as the controlling front-runner with aggressive ride. Troilus owns fat dirt figures and is bred to handle switch to sod.


Seven Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $20,000. Purse: $38,000.

1House On Toilsome(L)121Velasquez4-2-7Metivier9-5

2Wise Choice(L)116Vargas, Jr4-9-6Sciacca20-1

3Giving Me Fitz(L)121Rodriguez9-7-4Vazquez20-1

4Score Boyera(L)116Esquivel7-8-9Jacobson4-1

5Quiet Sunshine(L)121Arroyo4-2-6Antonucci6-1


7Hundred Acre Wood(L)121Maragh8-7-5Sciacca8-1

8Private Councel(L)114Rice8-6-8Goodwin30-1

House On Toilsome makes peak start of form cycle after logging improved final fraction in last. Score Boyera owns fast back numbers on dirt; very dangerous. Thisizsparta needed last and is right in the thick of this on 'A' game.


One Mile and One Sixteenth. (Inner Turf). 2yo. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $85,000.

1Breakeven Analysis(L)120Rosario2-x-xBrown7-2

2Smooth Daddy(L)120Maragh3-4-7Albertrani6-1

3Justin Nguyen(L)120Ortiz5-3-2Sciacca12-1

4His Freedom Reigns120Alvaradox-x-xMott15-1

5Mr Speaker120Castellano3-6-xMcGaughey III2-1

6Gaining Ground(L)120Luzzi3-7-xWilson30-1

1aInnovation Economy120Rosariox-x-xBrown7-2

7Street Gent(L)120Solis8-x-xGyarmati15-1


9Big Daddy B(L)120Bravo5-x-xSacco30-1

10Patent120Ortiz, Jr7-3-6McLaughlin6-1

Main Track Only

1xCousin Stephen(L)120No Rider5-x-xBrown7-2

Smooth Daddy adds blinkers and could play out as the controlling speed with aggressive handling. Patent notched rapid final fraction on turf two starts back and fired half-mile bullet on Spa sod on Sept. 27; very dangerous. Breakeven Analysis has trained with a purpose since tallying solid late pace figure in debut; right in the thick of this.


Six Furlongs. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Allowance Optional Claiming. NY Bred. Purse: $72,000.

1Your Time Is Up(L)118Ortiz7-6-6Violette, Jr4-1

2Sweet Hot Toddy(L)115Franco8-3-2Schwartz6-1

3Kitty Panda(L)118Bravo4-10-3Clement7-2


5Eyes of Midas(L)118Velazquez10-2-1O'Brien15-1

6Sharon Spagetti(L)113Vargas, Jr7-3-7Ronen12-1


8Fiftyfour Forever(L)120Arroyo5-4-2Quartarolo3-1

9Run a Dubb Dubb(L)118Maragh7-7-11Persaud20-1

10Soul Opposition(L)118Castellano6-1-7Levine6-1

11Typhoon Teri(L)113Rice4-5-1Galluscio20-1

Run a Dubb Dubb owns postional speed and logged three tight works in the span of eight days for return from eight-week freshener. Fiftyfour Forever drops and gets favorable cutback in distance; big-time player. Kitty Panda made middle move and faded last time; tighter today.


One Mile and One Sixteenth. (Inner Turf). 3&up. Claiming $16,000. Purse: $30,000.

1Scot's Sunnyriver(L)118Prado8-6-1Conway, Jr15-1

2Yes It's Showtime(L)121Rocco, Jr6-1-5Weaver12-1

3Lasso(L)123Ortiz, Jr12-1-5Rodriguez8-1

4Smoke Town(L)118Velasquez3-8-2Rice7-2

5Summer Shiner(L)120Ortiz1-7-9Rice10-1

6Professor Plum(L)121Castellano5-4-4Hendriks4-1

7Knock Quietly(L)114Rice7-6-7Schwartz15-1


9Cash Your Ticket(L)121Arroyo3-2-6Perillo3-1


Main Track Only

11Primal Gold(L)113Franco4-9-6Antonucci15-1

Cash Your Ticket tallied solid final fraction when a tough-trip third in last; more to give. Summer Shiner overcame soft front-end flow to win last; developing and dangerous. Cashleigh was less than two lengths behind top selection last out; could easily close the gap in second start since two-month layoff.


One Mile. (Widener Turf). The PEBBLES. 3yo. Fillies. Purse: $200,000.

2Teen Pauline(L)117Velazquez2-1-4Pletcher12-1

3Dauphine Russe(L1)117Castellano4-5-4Brown3-1

1Mariel N Kathy(L)119Saez1-4-2Schettino20-1

4With Sugar On Top(L)119Lezcano9-1-8McLaughlin20-1



7Summer of Fun(L)121Rocco, Jr5-1-2Weaver4-1

8Discreet Marq(L)123Ortiz, Jr2-1-1Clement2-1

Main Track Only

1aFlash Forward(L)117No Rider2-1-2Schettino20-1


10Galloping Giraffe(L)117No Rider2-4-2Pletcher7-2

Discreet Marq turns back to more manageable trip after game placing in Grade 1 Garden City last time; rates close call. Mariel N Kathy was a wire-to-wire winner in last and looms a serious front-end threat once again. With Sugar On Top regressed in last after hard-charging score in prior; rebound potential.


One Mile and One Sixteenth. The I'M A BANKER. 3&up. Purse: $100,000.

1Don Dulce(L)118Cohen5-1-2Jacobson5-2

2Norman Asbjornson(L)120Carmouche1-4-2Mancilla9-2




5Farhaan(L)120Ortiz, Jr6-1-4McLaughlin12-1

6Fast Falcon(L)118Lezcano5-8-3Zito4-1

Norman Asbjornson notched rapid late pace figure when overcoming rough journey to win last at Prx; ready for prime time. Percussion is speedy and will prove a very tough customer on a soft lead. Fast Falcon packs a potent stretch punch on 'A' game; price will be tempting.


Seven Furlongs. (Widener Turf). 2yo. Maiden Special Weight. NY Bred. Purse: $70,000.

1East Bay Lodge(L1)115Esquivelx-x-xRyerson15-1

2Mark My Way(L1)120Velasquezx-x-xRice6-1

3Social Rebellion(L)120Prado3-6-3Cash8-1

4Justice Dept(L)120Lezcano4-8-4Ward6-1

5Sounds of Saratoga(L)120Cohen4-8-xMartin10-1

6Something's Coming(L1)113Castillo, Jr9-x-xSciacca20-1

7Giant Jo(L1)120Castellanox-x-xSchettino3-1


9Tell It to the Man115Vargas, Jr8-x-xSchwartz20-1

10Luv Dakota Skye(L1)120Arroyox-x-xCoronel12-1

11Cool It(L)120Ortiz8-3-7Brown4-1

Main Track Only

12Woke Up Tired(L1)120Alvaradox-x-xSchettino2-1

13Campion Lane(L)120No Rider6-x-xSciacca10-1

1aBluegrass Flash120Lezcano8-2-xClement15-1

Cool It gets favorable turnback in distance and should pack amplified late wallop in wide-open nightcap. Junger chased hot splits when a willing second last out; very dangerous as the potential controlling speed. Sounds of Saratoga logged two 5-furlong works since even fourth at 7-furlong distance last time; profitable second-out turf stable. Social Rebellion made sustained rally in last and would be aided by pace meltdown.

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