A letter to the editor on Aug. 4, “Fears of ICE reduce community safety,” described Patchogue People Power as a group that “organizes in opposition to the Trump administration.” That is not an accurate characterization.

Patchogue People Power organized in order to promote stronger communities and to support civil liberties. We are unhappy with President Donald Trump’s immigration stance, and we’re worried that Trump’s policies unnecessarily make targets of Muslim and Hispanic residents, many of whom are American citizens or legally in the country, in addition to those who may be here fleeing violence and seeking a better life.

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However, President Barack Obama ushered in historically high deportation rates, and we decried that as well.

Patchogue People Power is not anti-Trump. We are pro civil rights.

Jennifer Brady Cotter and Jennifer Bradshaw, Patchogue

Editor’s note: The writers are two organizers with Patchogue People Power.