Donald Sterling's conversation with his girlfriend was a private matter between two people who knew each other well ["No place in the NBA," News, April 30]. What right did she have to let the world know what was said?

If I were Sterling, I would sue her. All these people who are up in arms about Sterling -- I'll bet many of them, at some time, have made a racist remark, be it a white person, black person or otherwise.

I'm on Sterling's side. His remark was made to a girlfriend, not at a ball game or to the media.

Shirley A. Leonard, Port Jefferson Village

Carrying things to the extreme has become the norm these days. When did we as a nation become so righteous? Who among us has not had thoughts expressed by Donald Sterling?

I suspect that some in the black community discriminate among their own. I'm afraid we'll always have these ideas, but as long as those who have them don't harm or hurt, we are progressing.

Also, Sterling is an old man. If you have been with an older person, you know that their filters have deteriorated.

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Helen Ammann, Smithtown