Newsday recently published a photo of someone using a snowblower with a story that said "blasts of winterlike air" could be coming in September. Heading into my senior year of college as a meteorology major, I knew that this prediction took the cake ["Enjoy August, because ...," News, Aug. 7].

The article, which was based on AccuWeather's fall 2014 forecast, went on to predict big storms in December and early January.

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When talking about the weather, there are so many variables that affect Long Island. Whether it be the gases that come out of New York City, the Atlantic Ocean, the Long Island Sound, or many other factors, it is nearly impossible to give an accurate forecast beyond 60 hours. Trying to predict the future, which is essentially what meteorologists do, is tough as it is, but trying to predict what will happen five months from now is ludicrous.

I hope that I will one day be able to change public perception by giving accurate, truthful and legitimate forecasts.

Eric Brill, Farmingville