Ted Cruz may be a religious fanatic, a right-wing loony, and a man who has no problem bringing the government to a halt just to make a point.

Now you can add “hypocrite” to his resume.

It was Cruz, you may recall, who criticized “New York values” back when he was campaigning in Iowa.

Yep, he said Donald Trump was wrong for the country because of his “New York values.”

It played well in Iowa. And it might play well with rednecks in Cruz’s home state of Texas.

But it doesn’t score him a lot of points now in New York, which is holding a big primary on Tuesday.

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So now Cruz’ favorite song is “New York, New York.”

He even called New Yorkers “the best and the brightest.”

Nice. And hypocritical.

New Yorkers have long memories. That is why Cruz is polling third in New York, about 35 points behind Trump.

Cruz somehow needs to stop Trump from getting 50 percent in New York. Otherwise, Trump will get all of that state’s delegates.

Trump is a vile fraud. Yes, he would be bad for the country.

And Cruz is a hypocrite.

May the best man win.

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Gary Stein is a columnist for the Sun-Sentinel. Readers may email him at gstein@sunsentinel.com