Several readers responded to our editorial on Friday about the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s survey to test possible slogans. Here is a sampling of tongue-in-cheek suggestions.

Via email

We never run out of excuses.— C. Boatner & L. Schein

Ride like the wind . . . in your dreams. — Timothy Busam

MTA : Mass Transportation Agony— Richard Siegelman

Trust us, you’ll get there! Maybe.— Robin Ames

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Going nowhere fast.— Tom Speicher

We’re on the right track, but not the right time!— Lawrence Harkavy

You can’t spell “mismanagement” without MTA.— Pete from Manhattan

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MTA: May Take Awhile— a long while.— Paul Brothe

Via Twitter

@patmikekelly: The @MTA : Why go anywhere on the weekend? #MTAslogans

@rickgavin2: Relax, you didn’t want to go to work today anyway. #MTAslogans

@big_daddy_black: Your excuse for being late.

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@tomsim96: It’s Amtrak’s fault.