Editorial: Re-elect Thomas McKevitt in 17th Assembly District

Thomas McKevitt, Repubilcan candidate for the 17th Assembly

Thomas McKevitt, Repubilcan candidate for the 17th Assembly District. (Credit: David Pokress)

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Parts of Hempstead and central Oyster Bay

Democrat Kevin Brady, 25, of Levittown, is challenging four-term Republican Thomas McKevitt, an East Meadow attorney. Formerly one of the most gerrymandered districts in the Assembly, this district is 87 percent remade since 2010.

Brady, a FedEx package handler, believes that elected officials can serve as "midwives" to build support for school consolidation. He's a likable and smart newcomer, but there's no reason to turn out the solid and forward thinking McKevitt.

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As a ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, McKevitt wants to change foreclosure rules to encourage banks to modify loans for people who could stay in their homes if payments were lowered. Foreclosures coming before a judge after two years find homeowners too far behind to catch up; McKevitt would require action within 60 days.

McKevitt is rightly concerned that the new property tax cap might become a vise in a few years. That's why he is talking about a military-base-closing-style commission to force school consolidation and bring down education costs.

Newsday endorses McKevitt.

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