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Cartoon: Mr. Smith leaves Washington

Mark Wilson is a New York political cartoonist and illustrator who lives in the Adirondacks. He publishes under the pen name Marquil.

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Dobie: Kim Kaiman hiring smacks of favoritism

When North Hempstead hired Kim Kaiman, the wife

(Credit: Michael E. Ach)

What was Judi Bosworth thinking? Barely a week into her tenure as North Hempstead Town supervisor, Bosworth chose Kim Kaiman, the wife of her predecessor, fellow Democrat Jon Kaiman, to head the town agency charged with attracting business and tourism to North Hempstead. Kim Kaiman did not emerge victorious from a field of qualified candidates. There were no others. The job apparently was not advertised...

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Bessent: Rep. McCarthy's poignant departure

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, at her home in Mineola,

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s poignant decision not to seek reelection marks the end of her determined 18-year congressional crusade to reduce gun violence. The issue catapulted McCarthy, from Mineola,  into Congress after a deranged gunman opened fire inside a Long Island Rail Road train in 1993, killing her husband, Dennis, and five other commuters, and wounding her son. In announcing her decision...

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Striegel: A rare politician keeps his ego in check

In a refreshing pledge, Larry Cantwell, the new

(Credit: John Roca)

Three cheers to newly installed East Hampton Supervisor Larry Cantwell, who told the town board on Thursday that they should not be surprised if they don’t see his name on signs at town parks. “It is not because the parks department forgot,” he said. “I asked they not waste time and money preparing these signs.” How many of us have shaken our heads in disgust at the way elected officials plaster...

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Dobie: Take it easy on snow-covered roads

Larry Fuchs makes his way along Railroad Avenue

(Credit: James Carbone)

Hey, you, with the SUV. Really? Did you have to blow the red light Friday morning on Pinelawn Road in Melville — by at least five seconds — and careen around the snowdrift-covered corner from the side street, a little too close for comfort to those of us sitting on Pinelawn, and then fishtail your way for about 100 yards down Pinelawn? I apologize for wishing you would have wrapped yourself around...

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Dobie: Think a vote doesn't count? Think again

Brookhaven Town Board incumbent Connie Kepert and challenger

(Credit: Newsday photos)

Every homily you’ve read about the importance of voting is true. It IS your civic duty as a citizen of a democracy. But lofty principles often fall flat as motivators, as witnessed by our generally lousy turnout rates. Sometimes a number is better at driving home the point. So consider this one: 4. That’s the number of votes by which challenger Michael A. Loguercio Jr. led incumbent Connie Kepert...

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A kindergartener reminds us of the meaning of the holiday season

Anthony DeLutio, a student in Kim Butler?s kindergarten

(Credit: Coram Elementary School)

This press release from Longwood School District caught our attention this week. With the holiday season in full swing, we were struck by this Coram kindergartener's generosity: Anthony DeLutio, a student in Kim Butler’s kindergarten class at Coram Elementary School, is thanked by his teacher and Principal Vaughn Denton for his generosity. When Anthony won the Coram Fire Department’s Fire Prevention...

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Filler: Suspension of 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson is just business

"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson, left, with Jase

(Credit: AP)

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has an absolute and unqualified constitutional right to speak his mind. We all do. What we don’t have is a constitutional right to a job, or the use of someone else’s microphone and media platform. Robertson was suspended from his family’s show indefinitely Wednesday, because of comments he made about homosexuality in an article set to appear in GQ, primarily....

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Filler: Common Core subcommittee should focus on better implementation, not self-esteem

Plainview-Old Bethpage Central School District Superintendent Lorna Lewis

(Credit: Barry Sloan)

With all the controversy over the implementation of Common Core standards in New York and all the changes wrought in its name, it’s not surprising that Board of Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch has decided to appoint a subcommittee of five Regents to review the process and report back. What may be more telling than the creation of that group is the eventual announcement of which Regents actually...

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Filler: Buy a Mega Millions ticket, it's not such a bad investment

Scott Rogers, of Port Jefferson, holds up his

(Credit: Ed Betz)

What if I were to tell you that tonight’s Mega Millions drawing, besides being a great fantasy investment at $1 a ticket (most of my fantasies have cost quite a bit more) is also, in one mathematical way of looking at it, a darn strong mathematical investment. The drawing is at 11 this evening, and the odds of winning are about 258 million to one: in other words, you have a better chance of being...

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