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Dobie: Think a vote doesn't count? Think again

Brookhaven Town Board incumbent Connie Kepert and challenger

Brookhaven Town Board incumbent Connie Kepert and challenger Michael A. Loguercio Jr. (Credit: Newsday photos)

Every homily you’ve read about the importance of voting is true. It IS your civic duty as a citizen of a democracy. But lofty principles often fall flat as motivators, as witnessed by our generally lousy turnout rates. Sometimes a number is better at driving home the point.

So consider this one: 4.

That’s the number of votes by which challenger Michael A. Loguercio Jr. led incumbent Connie Kepert after a lower court ruling on disputed ballots in the Nov. 5 race for a seat on the Brookhaven Town board. That’s also the number of votes by which Kepert seems to have beaten Loguercio after an appeals court ruling overturned part of the earlier decision.

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Four votes, out of more than 8,500 cast.

The dizzying back-and-forth in this race might not be over. Representatives for Loguercio, a Republican, say they now plan to file an appeal in his attempt to knock off Kepert, a Democrat.

Whatever the result of that, it’s apparent that one decent-sized family could have swung this election one way or the other. If you don’t like the outcome of this race, whatever it turns out to be, and you did not exercise your right on Nov. 5, you have no one to blame but yourself.

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