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Dolman: How much patience do we have left for Anthony Weiner?

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner speaks during

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner speaks during a news conference alongside wife Huma Abedin at the Gay Men's Health Crisis headquarters in Manhattan. (July 23, 2013) (Credit: AP)

So how much patience do we have left for Anthony Weiner?

This afternoon’s press conference—following the revelation of another salacious exchange with another woman online, apparently after he resigned from Congress -- was bizarre, cringe-inducing, maddening.

He’s a smart fellow. But he’s doing a terrible job of faking humility, decency and sincerity. Instead he’s trying to walk us yet again through the textbook moves of crisis management.

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When lying and dissembling don’t work, admit what you must. Check.

When it’s beginning to look like your misbehavior didn’t end when you said it did, say the only thing that matters is your relationship with your wife—implying that the rest of us should just butt out now. Check.

And when the hounds of the media really start howling for the truth, trot out the wife to cool them down. Check.

That one almost worked. Huma Abedin was close to perfect—poised, plausible and a completely sympathetic figure. But that only makes me madder at him.

He is turning the New York City mayoral race into a circus and he’s refusing to stop. But even New Yorkers have their limit. How much longer can this psychodrama go on? 

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